• To God be the Glory for Ms. Sheila Coleman-Castille and her
    mission as a community advocate for those who are in need of social
    and healthcare services.

:Pray for:

  • Pray for Thomas Carter as he prepares to accepts his commission to
    become a minister in God's army.
  • Morgantown High Football team and their Coaches Lacey and
    Coach Kelly for a successful football season.
  • Morgantown High Swim Team Captains as they lead and represent
    at practices and at swim meets.under the leadership of Coach
    Henline and Coach J.C.
  • The MHS Orchestra and Director Hyskell
  • Rev. Dr. Sylvia Medley, that she may use the Certificate of
    Completion 5202 for Initial WV Substitute Teacher Training
  • Continued prayer for Hailey Addison Hall, MGM 2017 William David
    Dilworth Memorial Grant recipient as she has graduated and has
    begun her career in cosmotology.
  • Elder Phyllis Agnew and her Ministry as District Elder
  • Rev. Dr. Sylvia Dilworth-Medley as she stands in the gap as Pastor
    Russell Medley continues to heal from his stroke.
  • All Graduates and their new beginnings

Those who know the words of prayer, pray for:

  • Pray for MInister Willie Stephens and those who care for him as he
    fights to recover his health
  • Pray for the restoration of Scottsrun Community Church and the
    upkeep of Morning Glory Ministries property.
  • West Virginia University Community Choir members and its Director,
    Dr. Kym Scott, for an awesome Summer season
  • Thomas Lee Carter, III and his Millennial Friends
  • Deacon Arthur Dilworth, Sr. father of  Pastor Sylvia as he continues
    to heal
  • Pray for the Morning Glory Board of Directors
  • District Elder Phyllis Agnew as she continues to recover from surgery
  • Bro Bernie Pierce
  • Susie Croaston (health)
  • Pray for the Dilworth Family
  • Sis. Connie Tilllman, sister of Pastor Sylvia Medley (health)
  • Sis. Annetta Anderson and Family
  • Pray for the family of Francesta Harrington upon her passing
  • Liberty University
  • Dr. Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the Liberty University and Liberty Baptist
    Theological Seminary
  • Pastor Jonathan Falwell and the Thomas Road Baptist Church
  • President Gee and the West Virginia University

Pray for comfort and healing

  • Rev. L.A. and Mrs. Mary Jones Family
  • Pastor Judith and Rev.John Senkinc and Family
  • United States Government - Executive, Legislative, Judicial Branches
  • Famiy Legacy
  • So that Dreams Deferred will become a reality right now
  • Mr. and Mrs.Paul McNeil as Mrs.McNeil recovers from surgery
  • For MGM Director Sylvia Medley and her family upon the passing of
    her mother, Constance Cummings Dilworth
  • Bro. Hall's wife and family (St Paul AME) upon his passing.
  • Annetta Anderson and family, sister of Pastor Sylvia Medley upon
    the homegoing of her husband Broderick
  • Colleges, Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning Everywhere
  • Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Policeman and all public safety  
  • Della Jones, MGM Board Member and her Family as  they continue
    to heal after the passing of Mother Rosa L. Ramsey, Mother of the
    Scotts Run Community Church and Precious Friend of Morning
    Glory Ministries
  • Christians United for Israel
  • Monongalia County First Responders Clergy Association
  • Occupational Chaplains of America
  • The Family of John Garner
  • Married couples everywhere
  • Pastor Russell E. Medley, Jr. and the Healing Ministry of the Scotts
    Run Community Church
  • New Bethany Christian Worship Kingdom
  • Sis Brenda Shinkovich and her friend Dorcas Davis
  • Pastor Barry Adkins upon the death of his sister, Shannon
  • Sis Susie Croaston
  • Fred,  son-in-law of Rev. John and Pastor Judith for his salvation for
    Brother Fred
  • The Family of Officer Michael May on the anniversary of his passing
  • Pastors Russell & Sylvia Medley and the Scotts Run
Community Church
  • The health of Mother Lottie Lois Agnew
  • The family of Ms. Mavis "Cooki" Holyfield
  • The Pastors Jose and Phyllis Agnew and The Temple of Christ
    Church Family
  • The family of Mr. Milan Puskar
  • Sheriff Al and Nada Kisner and Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Byrer and their grandchildren
  • The Pastors Rick and Lydia Shriver and the Rock Church Family
  • Pastors Dave and Sherri Hood, Fresh Harvest Church
  • Pastors Barry and Connie Sue Adkins, and the Church of the
  • Mr. John and Charlotte Pyles
  • Pastor John and Ruth Rittenhouse and the Living Room Outreach
  • Ms.Carey Blaney, Mon County Clerk
  • The Kelch Family
  • The Northern Family
  • The Powell Family
  • The Senior Monongalian Bible Study Class
  • The Glen Turner Family
  • Minister Will Coulson & Family
  • Gerri Medley's brother Chris
  • Darlene Rilko
  • Corinthia Rilko and her Dance Teams
  • Brittany Cassells
  • Morning Glory Ministries' Recipients of the Dream Builder William
    David Dilworth Memorial Grant
  • Morning Glory Ministries Dream Builder Projects
  • Jeremy Stanley who studied at the Nazarene University
  • Scotts Run Community Church's Building Project - The Cathedral of
  • Our Community Friends - Business' and Individuals Patrons
  • Minister Richie Layfield
  •  Mrs. Deborah Jefferys & Family
  • Russell E. & Gerri Medley, III
  • Gabriel L. and Erin Medley,
  • Thomas Carter
  • Kiarra, Ailani Medley, Marcel and Rowan Medley
  • Mrs. Ruth Gartrell, Raliegh, NC
  • Gus and Hakeem Brown
  • Mr. Nick and Rochelle Nikzad & Family
  • The Lukomski Family
  • Veterans Everywhere
  • Marilyn Herbin & Family, Hamlet, NC
  • Connie Tillman & Family, Greensboro, NC
  • Toshiba, Constance, Derrick, Jasmine
  • Annetta  Anderson and Family, NC
  • Annetta Brown and her sons Zion & Maxwell
  • Sidney Brown & Family
  • Dave Turner
  • Frank Borders and Family, Bluefield, WV
  • Primerica Financial Services - Making a difference in the lives of
  • Dr. John and Mrs.Marlene Frich & Family
  • Mr. Dan and Kathy Baliker and Family
  • Michael Dilworth,
  • Arthur & Olga Dilworth, Jr. and Family
  • Marvin Dilworth
  • Marshall Swiney
The Pen and ink Artwork  on this website is from the
Morning Glory Art Collection of  Rev.  Sylvia
Dilworth-Medley, Writer/ Illustrator
(c) copyright 2001 Sylvia Dilworth Medley Ministries International Inc.dba Morning Glory Ministries.  All rights reserved.
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Morning Glory
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Morgantgown, WV

Mailing Address:
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Phone: 304.599.2999


E-mail: morningglory26505@yahoo.com
Students from Morgantown High
 Morgantown, WV spent 10
days abroad on an Education First Tour
to, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy
summer 2018.

Click here to learn more about
MHS Swimmer's Leadership

Morning Glory Ministries
A Dream Builder For Youth
"Let no man despise your youth; but you be an
example to them that believe, in word, in
manner of life, in love, in faith, in purity."
1 Tmothy 4:12
Dr. Angie Turner (3rd from left )
Mon-Marion County District Field Site
Coordinator pose with
, Thomas Carter and Tracy
. Mon-Marion County District
earned the 1st Place Trophy at the
2018 Health Sciences Technology
Academy Symposium, Fairmont State
University, Fairmont , WV on May 5,
Mohigan Football 2019
Scottsrun Community Church
Shriver, WV 26543

Deacon Arthur Dilworth, MGM Board Member and patriarch of the Dilworth
Family, celebrated his 85th birthday,on July 15, 2019, as he strives to
make 105. What a blessing! His daughter, Rev. Dr. Sylvia Dilworth-Medley,
shared a poem with the Board she had written as a tribute to him. She also
shared a flashback from the past as she also revealed a poem written for
him on his 65th birthday July 15, 1999,

Sis. Connie Tillman gave testimony of her struggle  with paying for
expensive diabetes medications for years. She thanked God for providing
a way for her to receive medicine free of charge for one year. The MGM
Board was in agreement as we prayed that she will never have to pay for
the medicine again and will be whole and healed, in Jesus name.
Thomas Carter, Bassist for the
Morgantown High School 2019 Spring
Production of
Legally Blond.

     It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of
Morning Glory Ministries awards Robert Daniel Webster,
the son of Jon and Rumiela Webster of Hurricane, West
Virginia, the $500.00 William David Dilworth Memorial
Grant (WDDM) for Academic Excellence to defray the cost
of tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year. We are
impressed by his academic talent and we want to
encourage him to continue his studies to obtain a
Bachelor of Science degree in the Lane Department of
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, West
Virginia University and beyond.

      For more information about the William David Dilworth
Memoril Grant, please contact, Dr. Sylvia Dilworth-Medley
or the Board of Directors at (304)599-2999 or visit the
website at
Robert Daniel Webster
Recipient of the William David Dilworth
Memorial Grant
Morning Glory Ministries Awards
WDDM Grant
Mohigan Football 2019