Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Angie Turner and the Mon-Marion County District Health
    Sciences Technology Academy (HSTA) who earned the 1st place
    trophy at Symposium held at Fairmont State University, Fairmont,
    WV on May 5, 2018.

  • Thomas Carter and the MHS Honor Orchestra

  • Pastor Russell & Sylvia Medley WV Insurance Agent License Re-
    Certification 2017
  • Congratulations to Thomas Carter and the MHS Swim Team's
    Regional and State Honorees
  • Amanda Herbin, niece of Pastor Russell Medley, upon her  wedding
    in March.
  • Rev. Dr. Sylvia Medley, Certificate of Completion 5202 Initial WV
    Substitute Teacher Training
  • Rev. Dr. Sylvia Medley upon her conferral of the MACM-Worship,
    Liberty University, December 2017
  • Gabriel L. Medley, son of Pastor Russell & Sylvia Medley, Men of
    Excellence Awardee, Pittsburg Courier 2017, Pittsburg, PA.
  • Continued prayer for Hailey Addison Hall, MGM 2017 William David
    Dilworth Memorial Grant recipient as she continues her education.
  • Elder Phyllis Agnew upon her promotion to District Elder
  • Gabriel Medley's promotion to VP at Gateway Heath
  • A Hallelujah praise upon the licensing and ordination of our niece
    Hilda Lavette Williams
  • .Director Sylvia Dilworth-Medley has been conferred the Doctor of
    Ministry Degree from Liberty University School of Divinity, May 14,
    2016 at Williams Stadium, Lynchburg, VA.  To God be the Glory
  • All Graduates and their new beginnings
  • Mrs. Constance Dilworth, Pastor Sylvia's mother continued healing
    and recovery
  • Continued prosperity of Russell and Gerri Medley's business
    venture, Iris Magic Photography and Videography Studio,
  • 1042 Suncrest Towne Centre, Morgantown, WV,

Those who know the words of prayer, pray for:

  • Thomas Lee Carter, III and his Millennial Friends
  • Deacon Arthur Dilworth, Sr. father of  Pastor Sylvia as he continues
    to heal
  • District Elder Phyllis Agnew as she recovers from surgery
  • Bro Bernie Pierce
  • Elder James and Susie Croaston (health)
  • Health of Deacon and Mrs. Arthur Dilworth, parents of Pastor Sylvia
  • Sis. Connie Tilllman, sister of Pastor Sylvia Medley (health)
  • Health of Thelma, Francesta,and Herman, Pastor Russell Medley's
  • District Elder Phyllis Agnew as she prepares for surgery
  • Scotts Run Community Church and Senior Pastor Russell E. Medley,
    Jr, as he continues to recover
  • Liberty University
  • Liberty Theological Seminary
  • Thomas Road Baptist Church
  • Riverside Apostolic Church as it transitions

Pray for comfort and healing

  • Bro. Hall's wife and family (St Paul AME) upon his passing.
  • Annetta Anderson and family, sister of Pastor Sylvia Medley upon
    the homegoing of her husband Broderick
  • The Family of Rev.Charles Morgan
  • Dr.Charlie Davidson's Family upon his passing
  • The Family of Bishop David Hudson upon his Home Going
  • The Family of Minister Deborah Helm
  • Sis Joyce and family upon the passing of her husband Pastor Dave
  • Marilyn Herbin upon the passing of her husband Charles
  • The family of Bro.Clifford Mitchell upon his passing.
  • The family of Rev. James Crossland, Pastor Russell Medley's cousin,
    upon his passing.
  • The Willie Campbell Family
  • The Medley-Swinney Family upon the homegoing of their beloved
  • Pastor John and Judith for continued strength and encouragement
  • The Family of Mr. Carl Swiney
  • The Family of Mr. Jack Poling
  • The Family of Brother Ron Griffin
  • The Family of Mother "Honey" Mollard
  • The Family of Brother Vinny
  • Pastor Karen Austin and Family upon the passing of her son
  • The Family of Anita Snow on her passing
  • The Family of Pastor and Mrs. Miles Munroe
  • The Harold Woods Family
  • The family of Mother Ozzie Riles of Baltimore, MD, Pastor Russell
    Medley's Aunt upon her home going.
  • Pastor Junius Lewis and Family upon the death of his mother Bertha
  • The Family of Sis. Rebecca Lewis upon the passing of her brother
  • The Family of Sis. Catherine "Kitty" Hughes upon her passing
  • Pastor Barry Adkins as he continues to recover
  • Liberty Theological Seminary DMin Intensive Students
  • Pastor Eric Smith and his wife as he completes his DMIn and she
    finishes her Residency as a Medical Radiologist                
  • Pastor Methuselah Dixon & Family
  • The Family of Joseph Billotti
  • The Family of Pastor Theo Allen upon his passing
  • Healing for Sis. JoAnne York and strength for her son, Pastor York
    and family
  • The Family of John Wesley Jackson, Jr.
  • Edward Sowell's Family upon his passing
  • The families of Mr. Olefemi Olageda upon his passing
  • The families of community servant Mr. Michael Oliverio upon his
  • The families of the woman of vision, Mrs. Florence Merow at her
  • The families of Nelson Mandela, former South African president and
    anti-apartheid leader upon his passing
  • The family of Pastor Harold Hap upon his home going
  • The families of Paul Crouch, Televangelist and Founder of Trinity  
    Broadcasting Network upon his passing
  • Pastor Sylvia Medley, Director of Morning Glory Ministry's as she
    continues to defend her character, integrity, intellect and  Christian
    values as a leader in her community.
  • Morning Glory Ministries' the Dream Builder for Youth, (C.I.R.C.U.S)
    Children Inspired Receiving Christ's Unconditional Salvation
  • Colleges, Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning Everywhere
  • President Obama as he makes decisions on Syria and other  
    domestic and other foreign policies
  • Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Policeman and all public safety  
  • The Family of Charles Herbin, Pastor Russell Medley's  Brother-in-
  • The Family of Brother Jack Whitlatch
  • The Family of Mother Rosa L. Ramsey, upon the passing of the
    Mother of the Scotts Run Community Church and Precious Friend of
    Morning Glory Ministries
  • The Hudson Family upon the passing of Mother Margaret Mae
  • The Mayle Family upon the passing of Sis.Tracie Mayle
  • Christians United for Israel
  • The Shade Family upon the passing of Sis. Eva Mae Shade
  • Monongalia County First Responders Clergy Association
  • Occupational Chaplains of America
  • Pastor Dale and the Mount Herman Baptist Church
  • A healing for Rev. Jacqueline Dorsey
  • Comfort for Sis. Gracie Stephens upon the passing of her husband
    Pastor Johnny Stephens
  • The Family of Carl Swiney of Hamlet, North Carolina upon his death
  • The Family of John Garner
  • Married couples everywhere
  • Pastor Russell E. Medley, Jr. and the Healing Ministry of the Scotts
    Run Community Church
  • Pastor and Mrs. James Crosssland and the New Bethany Christian
    Worship Kingdom
  • Sis Brenda Shinkovich and her friend Dorcas Davis
  • The family of Domenico 'Tony' Cerone, tailor and co-owner of
    Massullo's Cleaners
  • The family of WVU Football Coach Bill Stewart
  • Pastor Charles Morgan and son Chipper and family upon the
    passing of their beloved wife and mother, Rev. Mary Morgan, Pastor
    of Mt. Herman Baptist Church
  • Pastor Barry Adkins upon the death of his sister, Shannon
  • Tonya, daughter of Rev. John and Pastor Judith Senkinc as she
    prepares for a double transplant.
  • Elder Jimmy and Susie Croaston
  • Fred,  son-in-law of Rev. John and Pastor Judith for his salvation for
    Brother Fred
  • The Family of Officer Michael May on the anniversary of his passing
  • Pastors Russell & Sylvia Medley and the Scotts Run
Community Church
  • Deacon & Mrs. Arthur Dilworth and the St. Paul Baptist Church
  • Mrs. Brenda Hudson and the Riverside Apostolic Church
  • Bro. Robert and Mrs. Martha White, Missionaries to Maylasia and
  • The health of Mother Lottie Lois Agnew
  • The family of Ms. Mavis "Cooki" Holyfield
  • The Pastors Jose and Phyllis Agnew and The Temple of Christ
    Church Family
  • The family of Mr. Milan Puskar
  • WV House of Representative Tony Barill and Family
  • Sheriff Al and Nada Kisner and Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Byrer and their grandchildren
  • The Pastors Rick and Lydia Shriver and the Rock Church Family
  • Joyce Chedester and Faith Christian Fellowship
  • Pastor & Mrs. Tharpe, Missionaries to Ireland
  • Pastors Dave and Sherri Hood, Fresh Harvest Church
  • LeeAnn Pruitt, Four Square Church
  • Pastors Barry and Connie Sue Adkins, and the Church of the
  • Mr. John and Charlotte Pyles
  • Pastor John and Ruth Rittenhouse and the Living Room Outreach
  • Ms.Carey Blaney, Mon County Clerk
  • The Kelch Family
  • The Northern Family
  • The Powell Family
  • Ms. Mayfield and the Senior Monongalian Bible Study Class
  • The Glen Turner Family
  • Sis. Sandy's husband
  • Minister Will Coulson & Family
  • Gerri Medley's brother Chris
  • Darlene Rilko
  • Corinthia Rilko and her Dance Teams
  • Brittany Cassells
  • Morning Glory Ministries' Recipients of the Dream Builder William
    David Dilworth Memorial Grant
  • Morning Glory Ministries Dream Builder Projects
  • Jeremy Stanley who studied at the Nazarene University
  • Scotts Run Community Church's Building Project - The Cathedral of
  • Our Community Friends - Business' and Individuals Patrons
  • Minister Richie Layfield
  • Baby Colton
  • Mrs. Deborah Jefferys & Family
  • Russell E. & Gerri Medley, III
  • Gabriel L. and Erin Medley,
  • Thomas Carter
  • Kiarra and Ailani Medley
  • Mrs. Ruth Gartrell, Raliegh, NC
  • Gus and Hakeem Brown
  • Mr. Nick and Rochelle Nikzad & Family
  • The Lukomski Family
  • Veterans Everywhere
  • Marilyn Herbin & Family, Hamlet, NC
  • Connie Tillman & Family, Greensboro, NC
  • Toshiba, Constance, Derrick, Jasmine
  • Annetta & Broderick Anderson and Family, NC
  • Annetta Brown and her sons Zion & Maxwell
  • Sidney Brown & Family
  • Dave Turner
  • Frank Borders and Family, Bluefield, WV
  • Primerica Financial Services - Making a difference in the lives of
  • Mary Kay Jordan and her nieces
  • Mason-Dixon Festival Commitee
  • Dr. John and Mrs.Marlene Frich & Family
  • Mr. Dan and Kathy Baliker and Family
  • Michael Dilworth,
  • Arthur & Olga Dilworth, Jr. and Family
  • Marvin and Osti Dilworth
  • Marshall Swiney
The Pen and ink Artwork  on this website is from the
Morning Glory Art Collection of  Rev.  Sylvia
Dilworth-Medley, Writer/ Illustrator
(c) copyright 2001 Sylvia Dilworth Medley Ministries
International Inc.dba Morning Glory Ministries.  All
rights reserved.

Home of Morning Glory
Morning Glory Ministries
A Dream Builder Youth
Think on these things . . . . . .
We are parents, grandparents and community friends from all walks of life who
love our precious Children and Youth.
We are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend. We are M7:  
Marvelous, Motivated, Mission-Minded Mentoring Masterpieces-in-Motion.
From the desk of
Rev. Dr. Sylvia Dilworth Medley,


Morning Glory Verse

“And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be
opened to you.”
Luke 11:9

Morning Glory Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come praying especially for Millennials, Generation Y, as they seek
opportunities and ask you for guidance in this modern age of social media. Help them as
they do good in school, on the job and on volunteer projects to help those in need.

Father God, continue to encourage Millennials to be constant in prayer to you. Let them ask
you for what they need, just like they would to a friend, who is kind to them. Help them to
know that even if you do not answer their prayers right away, you will in due time, if they
continue to pray. For it is in the matchless name of your Son Jesus we pray and ask it all.

Morning Glory Thought to Remember

Our Heavenly Father is ready to give blessings to those who ask, to those who pray the
prayer of faith.  Amen,7

Ask, Seek, Knock

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Thomas and friends from Morgantown
High School, Morgantown, WV spent
10 days abroad on an Education First
Tour to, Switzerland, Germany, and
Italy summer 2018.